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Chef Specials

Shashlik Koti (chicken or Lamb) £14.95
Marinated chicken or lamb tikka with onions, peppers and tomatoes first cooked in tandoori then brought to the pan using chef's special spice blend , medium, spicy or hot sauce.

Akbari Murghi Masala (N) £14.95
Marinated chicken tikka cooked with nest masala sauce select tandoori spices topped with a special fragrant cream sauce.

Murgh Podina Chutney £ 14.95
Marinated chicken ikka cooked with fresh mint with medium spices and exotic chutneys

Ghust Kata Massala   £14.95
Diced lamb cooked with an exoic blend of dry massalas. Lots of spice in this one.

Tafftoon (chicken or lamb) £14.95
A real Bangladeshi treat for those who like spicy food prepared using naga chilly which only grows in Bangladesh and has a very unique taste and scent.

Chicken or Lamb Amdi £14.95
Marinated chicken or lamb tikka cooked in tangy Indian pickle with sliced mango in fairly hot but very tasty sauce.

Gost Pathwari £16.95
Marinated Duck breast cooked firstly in tandoori oven and then combined with a very unique blend of spices and herbs served spicy or hot. Onions, peppers and tomatoes combination in the sauce

Murgi Badam £14.95
Marinated chicken breast cooked in Aromaic Spices with cashew nuts (badam) creme and its very own secret ingredient

Lembuh Wallah £14.95
Chicken breast or fillet of lamb tikka cooked in lots of fresh lemon and  lime juices in a hot spicy zingy sauce. 

Kali Mirch Shai Kurma £14.95
Aromatic korma sauce blended with crushed Brazilian peppercorns and cardamons, mild with intense aroma.

Chicken Chilli Massala £14.95
Tandoori chicken on or off the bone freshly cooked in tandoori oven and then cooked with lamb, minced meat spiced with green chillies.

Special King Prawn Nawabi £18.95
Butterfly King Prawns pan fried in garlic, cooked in medium spices with selected mixed vegetables, tomato and coriander.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massala (N) £14.95
(The All Time Favourite)

Chicken or Lamb Pasanda (N) £14.95
Pieces of lamb or chicken cooked in yoghurt, cream, ground almonds,fragrant spices and red wine.

Special Sizzler Juiliete £14.95
A fabulous selection from our very own tandoori chicken or lamb
marinated in fresh herbs and spices with capsicum, onions and flaming brandy.

Jalfriazi £14.95
Chicken or lamb in a thick curry sauce made with a variety of herbs
andspices, onions and fresh green chilli extensively spiced, medium to hot.

Khulnar King Prawn £18.95
Large King Prawn barbecued in shell then delicately spiced with herbs in a thick Bangladeshi style sauce.

Special Chicken Razala £14.95
Marinated chicken ikka cooked in aromaic spices, yoghurt and cream (mild).

Mixed Korahi £14.95
Diced chicken and lamb tikka cooked together in a medium strength gravy,garnished with fried tomatoes, capsicum, onions and chick peas.

Napal King Prawns £18.95
Barbecued King Prawns delicately spiced with herbs, chopped tomatoes and capsicum, cashew nuts in a thick sauce.

Tandoori King Prawn Massala £18.95
Large King Prawns cooked in tandoori oven then taken to the pan were it is combined in our very own aromaic massala sauce (mild).

Tandoori Butter Chicken £14.95
Spring tandoori chicken, stripped of the bone, cooked with buter, almondsand sultanas in a rich spicy sauce. On or o? the bone (very mild)

Murghi Makhani Chicken £14.95
Chicken covered in aromaic spice and creamy sauce with a touch of yoghurt and a chunk of cheese

"Each dish has its own distinctive flavour and aroma created by the blend of fresh spices - prepared fresh every day.  We have combined our own special flavours with the western menu to produce an exquisite collection of fine dishes for our guests."


Customers please be aware that these foods may contain traces of ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. If you are allergic
or have any food intolerance,kindly let us know when ordering,

Allergy Notice

Our dishes may contain: gluten, crustaceans, molluscs, eggs, fish, peanuts, nuts, soybeans, milk, celery, mustard, sesame seeds,lupin and sulphur dioxide.  If you are allergic to certain ingredients please notify our staff before ordering.

N = Nuts/ Products may contain traces of nuts

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